The PUMA CANYON ECOLOGICAL RESERVE (PCER) consists of over 350 acres in Pinon Hills, which is located just north of Wrightwood, California. This is where Transition Habitat Conservancy first began. The Reserve is  open to the public and is enjoyed by hikers and horseback riders alike.

This project represents an opportunity to protect lands where five California Habitat Relationship Systems come together and blend. These communities are Pinyon Juniper, Joshua Tree, Desert Wash, Desert Scrub, and Mixed Chaparral (a threatened plant community type).

This project represents an opportunity to protect an outstanding occurrence of this at-risk vegetative community in a location that:

  1. Conserves a key recharge area for the Mojave River Watershed, at the headwaters tributary to upper Sheep Creek Wash where most of the infiltrate occurs into the aquifer:
  2. Has strong community support, with local partners willing to assume responsibility for fee title ownership, and conservation easement monitoring; and
  3. Will be used for environmental and conservation education.

Map of Puma Canyon Reserve